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01: Jabbing In Hell - in which SweetSpearGirl embarks on her adventures

02: Desert Adventure - in which our heroes hit a bit of trouble

03: Maggot Problems - in which our heroes brave the Maggot Lair

04: Maggot Triumph - in which victory is at hand

05: She Meets the Summoner - in which a dark mage spells trouble

06: Desert Victory - in which the interpid trio pursue Diablo to Tal Rasha's Tomb

07: In The Jungle - in which SweetSpearGirl confronts the perils of the jungle hell

08: The Fall of Mephisto - in which it's time to face a Prime Evil

09: Flee In Fear, Terror - in which our heroes are resolute, determined and quite, quite mad

10: The Fall of Diablo - in which the second Prime Evil awaits

11: Destruction Awaits - in which Harrogath is under siege and guess who has to save it??

12: Anya's Spear - in which Anya must be rescued

13: The Fallen Necromancer - in which another dark mage must be terminated

14: Cock-Up - in which nothing but trouble awaits

15: The Ancients Await - in which three old men bar the way to Baal

16: Final Journey - in which all good things...

Amarice: Assault on the Fiery Hellforge

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