SweetSpearGirl's Adventures - Chapter 7: In the Jungle

Cast of Characters
SweetSpearGirl - level 67 Spearazon w/Lycander's Flank
Debi Euyfura - Rogue Merc
The Ubiquitous va-va-Valk



It had not been a fun week. SweetSpearGirl had come to realize that spider bosses were very bad for her health, after she had been slain by some more than once! Not only that, but she had to collect together the vitals of a guy who'd been dead for years. Bleurgh.

Oh... not to mention some sort of mystical dagger. She knew what Ormus could do with his Gidbinn and it involved places where the sun never shed light...

Spin Web ;)

She ventured out of town via waypoint, hoping it wasn't trapped - small, fast, yammering jungle tribesmen were not her favourite opponents. Sure enough, there were a few, complete with their Shamen, as well as Pulse Dancer the Witch - didn't look like a witch to SweetSpearGirl, more like another little bastage with a big blowpipe - who was mana burning, cursed and offered a spectral hit on top of that. He and his friends were not much of a problem once the shaman was out of the way, though; nor was the giant mosquito that buzzed in to see what all the fuss was.

not really a witch

Pulse Tosspot offered up a flawless sapphire and rejuv potion, which were quite welcome; although what she really wanted was some Ort and Thul runes so she could socket a few of her uniques and set items. A perfect diamond would go quite nicely into her Laying of Hands gloves, she mused...

Ice Break the *Flayer* was quite the appropriate name for the next boss fetish. He too was cursed with spectral hit ("what is it with these guys and curses?" Euyfura mused), and as if that wasn't enough, had multiple shots of his blowdart too. It didn't help that while they were fighting Ice Break the Appropriate, a pack of Thorned Hulk champions wandered in and started hitting our heroes for more hitpoints than was comfortable! SweetSpearGirl dragged the rogue through a portal just in time and got Ormus to lift the curse; they then strolled back and proceeded to set about their foes.

Ice Break the appropriate   extra Hulk Champs

The fact that the Ghostly one in the pack dropped a green ring was just the icing on the cake; Nihlathak's Good Deed was quite an interesting curio.

green ring   multiple shot flayer, yikes

A quick coffee break, and then back out to face the hordes of trouble again. More Flayers (including Death Drool the Dark - cursed, cold enchanted, multiple shot); more Shamen; oh look, a cursed boss Shaman with multiple shot and a fanaticism aura. Down you go, Bane Maim! Something dropped a green helm, and something else a gold crowbill; it was at around this point that SweetSpearGirl levelled to 68, putting five stat points into dexterity and increasing her knowledge of Critical Strike. Dire Shifter (magic resistant, fire enchanted, cold enchanted, immune to both fire and cold) posed a brief diversion; then it was back to town. Although SweetSpearGirl spent some considerable time and gold gambling at Alkor's for a decent magic find ring and amulet, she came up empty-handed. To add insult to injury, nothing with Amazon skill bonuses appeared at all. "Please tell me," she muttered, "how I can benefit from +2 to Necromancer Summoning Skills?"

double immune boss   crowbill? whassat?

Alkor did prove helpful, however, when a double boss pack of Thorned Hulks posed some trouble and SweetSpearGirl came to him for charms. Plenty of pluses to life, which was very useful. One of the bosses proved impossible to deal with - Sharp Dancer the Quick was extra fast, fire enchanted and stone skin, and that combination - making him physical immune and all but immune to fire - rendered him almost impossible to even make a dent in. Fortunately his buddies dropped an Io rune and a Raven Frost gold ring, which made up for it. Our intrepid trio parked Sharp Plonker and moved on. It was at about this time that SweetSpearGirl ran into an Experience shrine, and found a convenient few packs of Cloud Stalkers and giant mosquitoes to use it on. When the effect wore off, she was a good deal closer to the next level than she had been!

PI hulk boss   Raven Frost

SweetSpearGirl hated the jungle; it was humid and its inhabitants were a royal pain in the arse at the very least. But it did have its silver lining. Shortly after entering the Flayer Jungle, she levelled to 69 while parking Death Thirst the Jagged - a cursed physical immune Winged Nightmare boss who was enhanced with teleportation. Again, she upped her dexterity; this time, putting a point in Dodge. Grey Brow (magic resistant, mana burn, immune to lightning, holy fire aura) tried to stand in her way, but it was a futile effort.

another PI   down you go

By now heartily sick of blowdart flayers, she ploughed her way through one immense pack after another (gems were dropping from them fairly frequently and a Nef and a Shael rune were both coughed up) - her only goal now, to find the waypoint.

Two more armies of flayers and a pack of Winged Nightmares later, there it was. Phew!

She activated it and returned to town for a well-earned rest, before heading back out again to find that Gidbinn. Ye gods, it was so hot! She really hated this place...


Another long trudge through the jungle followed; ploughing through flayers and Soul Killers and winged nightmares. Finally, they stood at the Flayer altar where the holy blade rested. SweetSpearGirl reached out to take it; suddenly it vanished in flame! "What the...?" she was muttering, when the boss pack of Rat Men leaped out at her.

"Oh, hell!" she cried; Flesh Wing the Hunter was not only a physical immune; not only was he extra fast; but he had a Fanaticism aura as well! This would be impossible!


She gritted her teeth, determined to see this through.

Five full rejuvs, six Valks, and a number of minions, Flayers, and Shamen later, he went down, dropping the fabled blade. SweetSpearGirl returned it to Ormus.

"Here. This magic ring does me no good," he said. SweetSpearGirl could see why!!

Ormus sucks

Stone Spiral
Required Level: 29
- 12% chance to cast level 4 Nova when struck
- +5 to minimum damage
- +1 to dexterity
- +3 to mana
- +1 to Light Radius

"Fah!" she said, selling the thing to Hratli when she went for repairs.

What was next?
Oh yes. Khalim's Brain, the Flayer Dungeon.
She had a headache. She didn't feel up to more of this crap today.

SweetSpearGirl went to bed.

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