SweetSpearGirl's Adventures - Chapter 6: Desert Victory

Apologies for the lack of screenshots in this chapter. They got lost somewhere :(

Cast of Characters
SweetSpearGirl, level 67 spearazon
Debi Euyfura, level 67 rogue merc (she levels right after our hero usually!)
Miss Frequent Cast 2003, the Ubiquitous Valk


The next morning, there was - at last - coffee. Thus refreshed, SweetSpearGirl conjured her Valk and, Euyfura in tow, headed out to the Canyon of the Magi waypoint with the symbol of the True Tomb of Tal Rasha written on the back of one hand. Hell Cats and Hell Slingers were the order of the day here; no bosses, plenty of loot, no problems.

Inside the Tomb itself, things were a little different. They soon met Apparitions - like Spectres, but meaner - with Preserved Dead lurking around the edges of chambers. Large chambers held huge numbers of urns, which SweetSpearGirl searched for loot - finding lots of it, too! During a fight with two Preserved Dead who had been unfairly hiding in a large urn, she levelled to 67 and - since the Valk was dying altogether far too often - she decided to increase her training in summoning the bint.

Now with her Valk pumped to slvl 7, SweetSpearGirl and company resumed their trek. The rest of the Tomb was fairly uneventful, except for packs of Preserved Dead who poisoned Euyfura on death, and several gems hiding in the urns. Turning the corner into an unusual chamber, they were beset by hordes of Apparitions and Preserved Dead and the Valk died; SweetSpearGirl, recognizing the chamber as one with its floor inset with the Circle of Seven Symbols, took the opportunity to return to town for healing, repairs, loot-selling and to collect the Horadric Staff from her stash.

Then, it was back to the Tomb, for the final confrontation...

Dispatching the hordes that had gathered in the chamber, SweetSpearGirl cast a portal, and, avoiding the obvious jokes about inserting the Horadric Shaft into the Horadric Orifice, plugged in the staff and waited till the light show was over. There, a dark entrance awaited, leading into Tal Rasha's burial chamber.

They stepped through.

"LOOKING FOR BAAL??" Duriel snarled.

"You'll do just fine, ugly!" SweetSpearGirl yelled.

Amazingly enough, fighting Duriel was easier than the bosses in the Arcane Sanctuary had been, and when he fell - after only one Valk recasting - he dropped another Colossus Voulge and something like 40,000 in gold. SweetSpearGirl and friends left the chamber as a swarm of maggots (fortunately not the Sand Maggot kind!) burst from Duriel's corpse - "Ewwww!!!" SweetSpearGirl shuddered - and further on they discovered Tyrael. He portalled them back to town, saying that Diablo and Baal had escaped him!

"Dammit!!" SweetSpearGirl swore. She'd have to go to Kurast again!

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