SWEETSPEARGIRL'S ADVENTURES - Chapter 10: The Fall of Diablo

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SweetSpearGirl - level 75 Spearazon
Euyfura - level 75 Rogue merc
Miss FrequentCast 2004, the Ubiquitous Valkyrie
Diablo, the Lord of Terror


After a fruitful afternoon gambling for charms with Jamella, SweetSpearGirl and friends headed back out to the River of Flame. Urdars, Stranglers and Grotesques were the order of the day, and SweetSpearGirl bypassed a pack of Corpse Spitter Champions in favour of approaching the Chaos Sanctuary as swiftly as possible.

"Back into the lion's den," she murmured.

"If only all we had to deal with was a lion," Euyfura added.

Euyfura soon went down to a large pack of Grotesques and their Wyrms, while SweetSpearGirl herself was swarmed by a massive pack of Maggot young (seems there was a boss pack of Maggots somewhere nearby...) She took the heat off of herself by judicious Valk recastings, stabbed her way through a pair of Stranglers, and moved that bit closer to her goal.

The boss Maggot was Storm Spawn - extra fast, teleportation, spectral hit - and was easily dealt with; a few Grotesques and four Urdars later, SweetSpearGirl stood at the entrance to the Chaos Sanctuary. An Oblivion Knight and a pair of Doom Knights were guarding the gate, but the former did not cast any curses and so the villainous trio were easily dealt with. Euyfura resurrected, SweetSpearGirl and friends moved onward.

bit of an easy bugger really

A huge pack of Doom Knights homed in on them, backed up by Oblivion Knights and Venom Lords, and a Storm Caster menaced Euyfura from the sidelines. Twice, SweetSpearGirl got Iron Maidened, but she and Euyfura both survived the fight (thanks usually to Valk recasts) and soon the first step of the Chaos Sanctuary was theirs. SweetSpearGirl wasn't sure whether it was the charms she'd gambled, or the rest she'd taken prior to this attempt, but she was killing more easily, fighting harder and not taking so much damage.

"Bring 'em on," she grinned.

Euyfura shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Famous last words!"

"Yeah, yeah," SweetSpearGirl said. "If we get our arses in gear the big lizard won't know what's hit him!"

A pack of Champion Oblivion Knights was next up - while not exactly easy to deal with, they were less of a nightmare to deal with than SweetSpearGirl had feared, and - unless you count Valks - there were no deaths in the party. Storm Casters didn't hit hard enough to be a problem; Doom Knights and Venom Lords were fairly easily dealt with. Someone dropped a rare Ogre Maul, which, while far too slow and heavy for SweetSpearGirl ever to wield, did sell for a staggering amount of cash. Before long, the heroes stood on the central pentagram.

Gulp.   very heavy thing

"Now for the hard part," SweetSpearGirl said as they approached the top-left seal; she got Iron Maidened and narrowly avoided killing herself, but managed to withdraw in time before taking out her tormentors. She tended to attack the Doom Knights and Oblivion Knights first: they hit hardest, and the inbuilt spectral hit from the Doom Knights was annoying to say the least. A pack of them dropped a Chaos Armour, a Legend Sword, and Spider Bow; apart from that, the drops were pretty mundane and not in great quantity either. Finally, they triggered the seal.

heavy sword thingy

The Grand Vizier of Chaos was *not* physical immune like he had been last time; this was a good sign. Nor was he lightning-enchanted. Fire enchanted, cold enchanted, extra fast and extra strong he *was*, but none of these were particularly hard to handle and before long he and his minions were eating dust. The top-right seal triggered no monsters and the intrepid trio moved onward...

a wimp compared to last time

The Infector of Souls was next. He turned out to be extra fast, spectral hit, fire enchanted and magic resistant - nothing particularly nasty, but his minion pack was big and strong and quickly chewed its way though both the Valk and Euyfura. SweetSpearGirl finished the fight alone, taking out first the minions, then the Infector of Crap himself. He dropped a War Club, Legend sword, and Casque - nothing she could use, but they did pay for Euyfura's resurrection. She still wondered why an Archangel would need 50,000 gold though...

fast buggers

Now for the most dangerous fight before Diablo himself. Approaching the last Seal, Euyfura died swiftly when two Oblivion Knights amp-damaged her, opened fire, and she also got surrounded by Storm Casters and Doom Knights. The Valk went down quickly too and SweetSpearGirl found herself having to take them all on by herself. She managed it, but barely, and made a mental note to actually *use* some of the fat purples she carried!

There were lots of Oblivion Knights along this arm of the Sanctuary. Finally SweetSpearGirl was able to slay the last of them, and opened the Seal.

Of course - as (bad) luck would have it - Lord de Seis - Lord de Shit - was Physical immune!! She gritted her teeth and set to work; it was tough, but she eventually was able to take out his minions. Now for the bad mutha himself; she resurrected Euyfura again in hopes that the Rogue's elemental arrows would help.

not a wimp at all

The Oblivion Knight boss was also (in addition to his stone-skin-ness) extra fast, extra strong and wielding his usual Fanaticism aura. She set to work, wishing she'd thought to stock up on mana potions, hating to waste her full rejuvs. Ah well. Couldn't be helped now; he was hitting her pretty hard anyway and soon she was glad of the purples! Finally, after seven of the potions had been drunk, he went down, dropping a Round Shield and some War Gauntlets. These weren't useful, but did cover the cost of repairs. She replenished her supply of potions from her stash, and knew now that it was time for the final battle...

"NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SAVE YOU FROM ME!" Diablo bellowed - sounding much like a Goa'uld System Lord - but SweetSpearGirl charged him. "Flee in fear, Terror!" she roared in answer as he unleashed his attacks. His dreaded pink lightning hose took out Euyfura; he ignored the Valk and concentrated on SweetSpearGirl. His fists were chilling her; he was blocking most of her attacks; his twisting firestorm and flame nova were hurting; but enough of her attacks were getting through to leech back enough life to keep her going.

Finally, Diablo roared in pain and fell to the ground. He dropped a Devil Star, Gothic Sword, Mesh Armour and Grim Shield (as well as a pair of mana potions). Not a single full rejuv had been needed, and as SweetSpearGirl headed back to the Pandemonium Fortress to resurrect Euyfura, she reflected on how easy the fight had been compared to the rest of the Chaos Sanctuary. Strange that the big green and black lizard had gone down so easily...

lizard goes down easy

Tyrael had praise - and bad news. Cain was all about the praise, but Tyrael's news was that Baal still waited ahead to be defeated. He opened a portal to Harrogath, the last unconquered Barbarian town on the slopes of Mount Arreat, and SweetSpearGirl looked forward to breathing the cool, crisp air again.

They stepped through.

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