SweetSpearGirl, lvl 77 Jabazon
Euyfura, lvl 77 Rogue merc
The Ubiquitous Valk

another Ash Froth MSLE, ick

The fight through the Crystalline Passage toward the Glacial Trail, was a running battle with Moon Lords, Stygian Harlots and Frozen Creepers. Fortunately they made it to the Glacial Trail entrance alive and well, ready for whatever awaited them. "Onward and upward," SweetSpearGirl grinned, her confidence well restored after her victory over Nihlathak. Euyfura was *not* so confident, her not having been there for that fight - and especially since in the Crystalline Passage, they met another extra-strong MSLEB - like the last one, also called Ash Froth the Wraith...

In the Glacial Trail, they met Death Slashers and Frozen Terrors. SweetSpearGirl still had yet to boost her cold resist, so the latter were a pain in the ass. Then the Reanimated Horde - the local version of Prowling Dead - showed up. This was annoying, although not dangerous. The Valk needed recasting, but this was no different from usual; everyone was - quite frankly - bored. The Death Slashers seemed to like fixating on the Rogue, however, so SweetSpearGirl decided to try out Decoy for the next fight. She set herself up to call upon her Valk and Decoy abilities at will, switching back and forth between the two with ease. Thus prepared, she moved deeper into the Glacial Trail.

The Decoy had a remarkable effect on the Reanimated Horde packs they next encountered, taking heat off all three of the adventurers. "Well this is a bit of all right!" Euyfura commented.
"Uh huh!" SweetSpearGirl replied. "Remind me to use this ability more often!"
"I'm sure you won't need reminding when the next MSLEB pack shows up," Euyfura said with an evil grin, and the Jabazon just shuddered and attacked a Reanimated Horde that had gotten back up.


Next up was a Champion pack of Abominables and some Death Slashers, backed up by Frozen Terrors; the trio had to back off to deal with them, especially as more Reanimated Horde were wandering down a nearby passage, dragging their massive rusty swords along with them. The fight was lengthy but with no really dicey moments; Decoys placed at will really helped, and afterwards, they were rewarded by the sight of a waypoint glimmering in the ice. They took it back to town, and rested (at least, once they could escape Anya's drooling over Larzuk...).

Anya wants Larzuk...

After a fruitless hour gambling for charms, it was back to it. SweetSpearGirl spammed Decoy ahead of the group, and it was well she did because just out from the Glacial Trail waypoint they met Bane Drool - a physical-immune boss Abominable who was LE with a nasty Conviction aura! He surrounded Euyfura and the Valk - a Frozen Terror sneaking up from a side passage breathing cold over everyone didn't help - and SweetSpearGirl was only just able to drag her merc back through the waypoint in time. Recasting the Valk, they got healed up and went back through hoping this time to pick off the minions one or two at a time.

nasty boss yeti thingy

Unfortunately the Decoy pulled the whole pack of them right down onto the waypoint. Another narrow escape later, SweetSpearGirl was forced to concede defeat

"Crystalline Passage waypoint?" Euyfura suggested.
"Yup," said SweetSpearGirl. "There's plenty of unexplored Glacial Trail; hopefully we won't attract those buggers again!"
The Valk just glowed, wandering here and there aimlessly. At one point she tried to attack a vicious snowflake.


In the Crystalline Passage there was a narrow escape when Frozen Creepers pinned Euyfura against an icy stalagmite, but someone dropped a green Gothic Shield. Which was fine if you used shields. Which neither SweetSpearGirl nor Euyfura did. But still... maybe it was a good omen. SweetSpearGirl deliberately avoided tripping Evil Urns; any tricky boss packs like Bane Drool's were best avoided whenever possible! They did nonetheless encounter a Moon Lord pack led by Foul Cloud (fire enchanted, spectral hit, stone skin - immune to physical) and SweetSpearGirl ground her teeth in frustration as they chased the trio all the way back to the waypoint. This was not turning out to be a good day! Euyfura went down and the Valk expired *again*, both to the boss. SweetSpearGirl slew the two remaining minions and retreated to town for repairs and resurrections. Her attacks weren't making a dent; the beastie was also fire immune which didn't help! Qual-Kehk wanted to talk about SweetSpearGirl facing off against some Barbarian Ancients, but she just wanted Euyfura revived and some help against that damn boss!

Its physical immunity meant that she couldn't leech mana - which she needed to keep the Valk up. She slung fat purples into her cube and instead filled her belt with blues; hopefully they could kill the damn thing before she ran out of potions! Cast Valk; back through the waypoint; cast Decoy. It was hopeless; instead SweetSpearGirl ran, followed by Euyfura, in the hope that the boss could be left behind. Two Frozen Creepers were taken unawares and shattered, but so far, no sign of Foul Cloud...

An extra-fast conviction-enchanted boss pack of Moon Lords barred their way. Surrounded by Frozen Creepers, beset by Moon Lords and with only a sliver of Euyfura's life left, they had no choice but to retreat.


"Screw this!" SweetSpearGirl growled bitterly. "I'm sick of this! Fighting and fighting and fighting and never *getting* anywhere! Why don't I just retire here and now!"
Euyfura recognized when her boss was in a funk and wisely, said nothing

Eventually, SweetSpearGirl slept.

(The green gothic shield turned out to be Isenhart's Parry. Nuff said...)

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