SweetSpearGirl's Adventures - Chapter 2: Desert Adventure

Cast of Characters
SweetSpearGirl - lvl 64 Spearazon
Debi Euyfara - lvl 64 Rogue merc
Chaos Shifter the Flayer - boss Sand Maggot

"Chaos Shifter the Flayer," SweetSpearGirl muttered as the boss Sand Maggot in question spewed poison at her merc and its eggs - and those of its minions - began hatching. The last two boss maggots had both been lightning enchanted (not to mention the holy shock enchanted boss vulture that had accompanied one of the maggots...), so she waded in, Debi Euyfara in tow, to take out this one hoping that the dreaded LE wouldn't roll again.

Then the lightning started. Great white *clumps* of it rolling across the sand! Euyfara screamed. "Boss! For the Great Eye's sake stop hitting it!!"

It had to be, didn't it! That most terrifying of creatures, whispered about in hushed tones wherever adventurers gathered, but rarely seen - or at least, rarely survived! A multishot lightning-enchanted - the dreaded MSLE!

The Dreaded MSLE

SweetSpearGirl pulled back, dragging her Rogue with her; the poor merc was not in the best of shape. A huge swarm of maggot hatchlings followed, but since those spat neither poison nor lightning, they were much more easily dealt with. The amazon looked back at Chaos Shifter. She'd hardly made a dent in its turquoise carapace and she had a sinking feeling that it was also physical immune... she didn't like those either. A physical immune boss spear cat, Mold Crawler (who had also been immune to cold!), that they had encountered in the Dry Hills, had taken her two full mana balls and a long time, to despatch. That beastie had only had extra strong and magic resistant alongside its stone skin ability and somehow she doubted her ability to survive long while attacking an MSLE that would take even longer to kill! Euyfara definitely wouldn't survive it... the Valk had gone down in one hit and the Rogue was looking a little green around the gills from her latest encounter with poisonous maggot spit.

They pulled back to where they could safely fight the young and a stray minion or two, without accidentally landing a hit on Chaos Shifter herself. Black Raptors decided to join the fun, and Euyfara found herself having to fire arrows left right and centre. Not for the last time, she longed for some +to skills gear...

Eventually the intrepid duo were able to pull back to a clear spot and take a breather. SweetSpearGirl had an inkling that the local waypoint was nearby, and she was proved right when Euyfara almost tripped over it! Activating it, they swiftly twinkled back to Lut Gholein for healing and repairs, offloading what meagre spoils they had accumulated since encountering Chaos Shifter the O-So-Nasty.

Twilight in Lut Gholein was a magical experience; the Jewel City of the Desert giving way from daytime to evening. SweetSpearGirl stretched out the two bedrolls the pair had become accustomed to using, and almost before she'd laid down her Lycander's Flank and stripped off her heavy armour, she was asleep, while Euyfara wrote about the day's events in her diary. Soon, the Rogue too was breathing gently, her well-used Kuko Shakaku beside her. The next day, they would see how many more LE maggot bosses the Far Oasis still held...

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